What if work was meant to be expression of your deepest truths and not drudgery for money?
Written by Liz Timoney, May 2018
We have been hypnotised....

The commercial world is seductive and certain places and things make us desire too experience all the possessions and wealth it has... Personally I cannot be in Canary Wharf in London for more than about 15 minutes before feeling I need a new suit, a new car and better products for my face and hair... I also get the feeling most people I am passing would agree with my assessment! This is part of the problem. We judge others (and ourselves even more harshly) by some standards that feel right given the situation we are in. However, standards are something that need to be constant. 
To check if your standards have been skewed by society's hypnotic trance, go into completely the opposite kind of place - so for me - a forest would be a good idea - now do I want the same things? Probably not.

This belief about work as something we have to do for money, so that we can buy the stuff we want is false. 

You will have found the more you chase the money (be it for promotions you do not want or for additional work that you have not time to do or contracts that you do not like) the more that the money evades you, or gets absorbed by some emergency or another.

However, those times in your career where you have chased the love of the work, the thrill of learning that new thing, the joy of working with those kind of clients or with that great boss; the more the money chased you.


So, what is going on?

Money is simply energy, let's face it: everything is energy. Who says? Einstein, Tesla, quantum mechanics - google it for so much more than I have space for here. How does it help to know that? To make energy flow to you, you need to align with its vibration. Here is where most people go wrong: they think my Canary Wharf vibration of wanting things, especially material things, is the vibration of money. It is not.

The vibration of money is value. If you want money, 'strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value' as Einstein put it so well. By thinking what you do not have and what you want, you are actually aligning with scarcity, lack and worry - these things will attract other people with the same vibration and you will find your clients / marketplace will have no money either. Sound familiar?

So, how do you get to be of most value, when the world has hypnotised you to look at pay and availability (advertised roles?) Use your talents in service of other's goals, find the role within your organisation or invent your own. Simples! 

Here is a 6 step process to work that what that role might be, using idea circles:

1) Write something you are good at in the middle of the page and draw a circle around it. Keep it simple - it could be talking to people, organising events, whiskey tasting, reading, spotting mistakes, sailing boats, designing websites etc - don't go for your fabulous latest job title - it won't help here.

2) In the next circle around write what kind of work values that skill (as in a critical skill in order to succeed) - for example talking to people would be good in sales, marketing, retail, service, consultancy, coaching, journalism, counselling etc (don't worry about keeping the ideas in a line - messiness will stop your mind being so linear and allow you to think of new ideas.)

3) In the next circle around that write the kinds of value individual people find in this skill - using the same example - finding out what is happening (news), how to do something (training, advice), how to get more (money/love/joy etc)

4) In the next circle around write how the individuals might access the work - again that same example - Online video (YouTube et al), TV, radio, phone calls, in a venue (be it stage, shop etc) 

5) In the final circle, write down the truths of your life, your values, things that inspire you generally. In our example we might have confidence, truth, love, joy, peace, eliminating poverty, global culture, innovation.

5) Now create random connections by picking an idea from each of the three circles - what excites you, even if you don't think it is possible? Be creative - where you find your heart rate speeding up or you smile or resist the idea - definitely jot that one down - there is something useful there. For my example above our guinea pig may come up with "Running a YouTube channel on sailing and sharing different cultures visited (next millionaire YouTuber?)" Or "phone line for coaching those with money worries, to eliminate poverty (Citizens Advice Bureau anyone?"

What scares you or repels you in your list? Pay attention to extreme feelings - they are guidance that you have energy here and that is what you will need remember.

Love to know what creative ideas you come up with...

Liz Timoney

Liz Timoney helps leaders with an itch for 'something more' in their work and life to find the freedom, meaning and choice they are searching for. She uses narrative psychology and energy techniques to create confidence, abundance, ease and magic.
If you're interested in finding new ways to work and live to find the freedom you crave then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.

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