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Written by Liz Timoney, May 2018
Ever had an overwhelming desire for change, meaning and freedom, right before a feeling of guilt, another urgent email or shout from the kids sweeps the thought away? Sometimes we even get a clear idea of what that 'something more' is, other times it feels like a wistful fantasy...
This desire for more, or even just something different, is a totally natural feeling - those of us who are awake and enjoying life will naturally feel the contrast between what we have and what we desire. However, we don't act on getting that change, which then keep us stuck in less than and these are the top 5 reasons:
Written by Liz Timoney, May 2018
We have been hypnotised....
The commercial world is seductive and certain places and things make us desire too experience all the possessions and wealth it has... Personally I cannot be in Canary Wharf in London for more than about 15 minutes before feeling I need a new suit, a new car and better products for my face and hair... I also get the feeling most people I am passing would agree with my assessment! This is part of the problem. We judge others (and ourselves even more harshly) by some standards that feel right given the situation we are in. However, standards are something that need to be constant.
To check if your standards have been skewed by society's hypnotic trance, go into completely the opposite kind of place - so for me - a forest would be a good idea - now do I want the same things? Probably not.
This belief about work as something we have to do for money, so that we can buy the stuff we want is false.
You will have found the more you chase the money (be it for promotions you do not want or for additional work that you have not time to do or contracts that you do not like) the more that the money evades you, or gets absorbed by some emergency or another.
However, those times in your career where you have chased the love of the work, the thrill of learning that new thing, the joy of working with those kind of clients or with that great boss; the more the money chased you.
So, what is going on?
Written by Liz Timoney, May 2018
Learning has undergone a massive transformation in the last 20 years. When I started out doing end user training for Microsoft and Lotus Notes; organisations could not get enough of it and management and leadership training at the same time was pretty dull in comparison - many of the greats resorting to taped videos of themselves which their 'accredited trainers' would simple insert into the video player! Online didn't exist and phones were something found connected to a wall that you called people on.
Now if you want to know how to use software you look on YouTube or just Google it and much of the fundamentals in management and leadership training has gone onto blogs or FaceBook groups of the gurus. MindValley and others have sprung up to offer some of the classic personal development alongside the blossoming world of spiritual and energy techniques as online courses with 'masters.' The magic is starting to return...

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